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Shirt Parka - Indigo Linen/Cotton Chambray

Shirt Parka - Indigo Chambray Nautical Print

Baseball Shirt - Orange Floral

Baseball Pant - Orange Floral

Baseball Short w/ Print - Orange Floral

Baseball Shirt w/ Print - Navy Floral

Baseball Pant - Navy Floral

Baseball Short w/ Print - Navy Floral

Tank w/ Print - Black Floral

Baseball Pant - Black Floral

Baseball Short w/ Print - Black Floral

Baseball Pant - Khaki Chino Twill


Uniqlo x Michael Bastian Polo Shirts (Round 2)

I’ve been on vacation for a week or so.  I came back to find that Uniqlo and Michael Bastian have dropped round two of their collaboration.  These are my favorites from the bunch.  I still can’t believe they’re only $23.  

It’s no secret that I love fun shirts.  The one on the top left is on its way to me as we speak.  I feel the navy collar and cuffs are a nice contrast whereas the white collar and cuffs wash the shirt out.  The middle two look like baseball jerseys in a very good way (Yankee’s pinstripe?).  The chambray collars on the bottom two are a great touch.  

I still haven’t worn my shirt from the first drop.  It’s getting warmer so I’ll have to rectify that soon.  

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my babydolls. 💅💅💅.

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